Convert s8 to dual sim

Convert s8 to dual sim

Otherwise, both plans must be from the same carrier. Contact your carrier for more information. If you have an enterprise or corporate cellular service plan, check with your company administrator to see if they support this feature. The eSIM provided by your carrier is stored digitally in your iPhone. To activate your second cellular plan, you can scan the QR code your carrier gave you, use your carrier's iPhone app, install an assigned plan, or you can enter the information manually:.

With iOS 13, some carriers can assign a cellular plan for you to install. If necessary, you can manually enter your plan information. To enter your plan information manually, follow these steps:. You can store more than one eSIM in your iPhone, but you can use only one at a time.

Then tap Turn On This Line. After your second plan is activated, label your plans. For example, you can label one plan Business and the other plan Personal. You'll use these labels when you choose which phone number to use for making or receiving calls and messages, to designate a number for cellular data, and to assign a number to your contacts so you know which number you will use.

Then tap Cellular Plan Label and select a new label or enter a custom label. With iOS 13, you can choose either or both numbers. On this screen, choose a number to be your default, or you can choose which number is to be used only for cellular data. Your other number will be your default. When you call one of your contacts, you don't need to choose which number to use every time.

If you haven't called that contact, your iPhone uses your default number. Follow these steps:. With iOS 13, when you're on a call, if the carrier for your other phone number supports Wi-Fi calling, you can answer incoming calls on your other number. If you're on a call and your other line shows No Service, either your carrier doesn't support Wi-Fi calling or you don't have Wi-Fi calling turned on.You cannot use two SIM cards on these phones sold in the US through carriers and official distributors.

And therefore, you may use up to two SIM cards on the phone. You should always check with the seller on whether you can use two SIM cards on the phone you want to buy.

This means both SIM cards are reachable when in the standby mode. For the explanation of the differences between dual standby and dual active dual SIM phones, you may check this guide. It is the voice call that causes the availability issues. You have to choose one of them at any given time.


You can choose a default SIM card for outgoing calls and text messages when the app does not offer the option to select SIM cards. But most third-party apps do not have such a feature and therefore may rely on default SIM card preferred SIM card settings.

Tap Calls as shown above to set the default preferred SIM card for outgoing calls. As explained in this guidethe icon will be different depending on your selection. Enable dual SIM always on? To customize the icon for SIM card 1, tap Icon marked as 4 in the screenshot below. After you change the icon for the SIM cards, you can see the new icon in the notification panel and the status bar. Of course, the status icon of the SIM cards in the status bar will be updated accordingly.

For the explanations of the network mode network typeyou may check this guide. As shown below, the Phone app dialer has two buttons for outgoing voice calls. Please note, these two buttons appear only after you inserted 2 SIM cards.

In this case, you cannot change the SIM card for video calls on the fly. You may lose some important calls in this case. This is one of the inherent limitations of dual SIM dual standby phones.

You will not miss any calls on both SIM cards. Of course, you can manually set these 4 items on any dual standby Android phones as explained in this guide. The settings are also saved on the SIM card, not on the phone.

You can also use Secure Folder to run another account of any apps including messing apps. Please refer to this guide on how to use Secure Folder on Galaxy S9. Hi, thanks for this article. Is this correct? It looks similar to dual active. But it requires network support from both sim cards. Also, when you are in a call with one sim card, you will get notification for calls to the other SIM cards.

convert s8 to dual sim

You can put either one on hold. Remember you are using call forwarding diverting for the second SIM card now. You will be charged for outgoing minutes for this SIM card. If you only have one sim card installed, do you still see two buttons on the phone and message apps? Or can you set it to only see one? No, your will not see the button. Or at least to call with last used SIM, without asking? In some other Android phones e. Unfortunately, Samsung did not implement it.Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums.

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convert s8 to dual sim

Quote: Originally Posted by nbkappa Hello Price for converting gf to dual sim? Digg del. Posting Rules. LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks. Digg this Thread! Bookmark in Technorati. Share on Facebook. Stumble this Thread.Through some detailed dissection and reconstruction work, you can piggy-back the SIM on the SD card and have them both work at the same time.

convert s8 to dual sim

First you start by filing away the raised bottom edge of the micro SD card and file down the side until the writing is no longer visible. Next get a heat gun and blast your nano SIM card until the plastic melts away. Combining two cards into one is certainly a neat trick, almost as neat as shoe-horning a microcontroller into an SD card.

This hack solves this problem and allows 2 sims plus 1 SD card in these phones. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to all who pointed this out in the comments. This great hack right here shows that we need phones with three, dual function slots. Go anywhere between triple sim and triple SD card. Oh, wait they are cutting roaming taxes in EU…. Personally I think the idea of Sim cards are outdated I think it should be a software setting that should be allowed to be changed.

Sims seem so outdated these days. Nope, giving them up would be a bad idea.

Using Dual SIM with an eSIM

It would give the networks more leverage in forcing you to get a phone from them. Heh, like the legislation that forced them to unlock your phone at the end of a contract… yah… cheaper to get it unlocked anywhere else. That way they could prevent customers from being able to buy phones, new or used, that were either originally sold by another company or sold as unlocked phones usable on any carrier — as has long been possible with GSM telcos.

Sprint, Verizon and other CDMA telcos say they allow some phones from other CDMA telcos, but the policy is deeply buried and full of weasel-words which amount to FOAD, no guarantees that any functionality other than voice calls will work.

With an unlocked GSM phone that supports all the frequencies, you only need an active SIM card and can swap it among as many unlocked phones as you want. People hacked in slots so those phones could be used with other telcos when unlocked. It used to be that you could only feasibly buy the phones from the carrier on their terms. Inside that SIM, these are actually physically secure. As a software setting… not so much. Never mind the fact that if your phone breaks, you can buy a new phone and pop the SIM card in and continue to use the same number without having to involve the network.

Really kinda sad. If they can keep two or more proper IMEIs associated with your number that would be way nicer, but I never read anything that suggested it. If your phone breaks, or if you travel and buy a local card, or if you buy a new phone.

You are all set in a couple of minutes. In my experience, in most places you are better off getting your own phone, instead of from the network at least in europe.

Rooted, viruses, bad programing etc. How exactly would your suggestion of simply using software work to secure anything. Comprise the host and the software goes with it. Thus vendors could lock you in more not less. It works on quite a few phones, granted not a lot but still a few.

Is it even fair to list the Note 7 since, you know, they had to be recalled due to catching on fire? Well the problem was not really the batteries but a screw over the positive battery trace … as soon as the silk and mask wears away than it would short and boom … a washer is now used and they are safe enough.

Has anyone tried nano SIM extensions? And changing sim card would be waay quicker as well.This is Android 8. The only thing missing is the ability to make your own AR stickers.

And reboot menu does give you option to go straight into recovery or download mode, making life much easier on folks like myself you who flash a lot of ROMs. Also, you will be able to fit more apps in your navigation bar at the bottom, which I love about the ROM. And yes, you also get Dolby Atmos for enhanced listening. For Apps Edge, you will enjoy the full Galaxy S9 Apps Edge along with the new App Pair so you can easily split screens while using any of your favorite two apps e.

When browsing Yelp, you can have Google Maps open. For root, the ROM comes rooted with Magisk v Performance is out of this world as there are many performance tweaks on this ROM and I got a very respectable score of on Antutu, which is actually near a Galaxy S8 scores!

Dual SIM for Samsung Galaxy

And I love the fact that this ROM gives you edge lighting notifications anytime just like a Galaxy S9 while stock Galaxy S7 firmware only does edge lighting when your phone is faced down. A slew of additional customization is offered through Sac23 Settings, which will allow you to customize your lockscreen, notification panel, hardware keys, and much much more. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are definitely my favorite older flagship phones as that was when Samsung really perfected their IP68 rating along with a much better camera and battery life than their predecessors.

While Galaxy S8 and S9 updates have been very nice, if you are looking for the best deal on smartphones, this could be the way to save a bunch of money on a new smartphone. These custom ROMs cannot be installed on U. But if you are using it in South Korea, they are fine. Hi Lee, thank for your sharing.

I have a question for this ROM. Or just 1 Sim? Thank you. I have the S9 Alexis rom perfectly working on my S8 Plus. One question, do you know if there is already an update for this rom, having the same camera features as S9? Thanks a lot! By the way, I discovered a new version at android file host. Or not?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Convert to Dual Sim (Permanent)

But the filename has no s9 port in it. I cant find a changelog. Does anyone knows what this rom contains? Is it the newest s9 port version for the s7 edge? I have on questionhow can i make task changer work on this rom? I installed the app but it does not work! Can you help me. Your email address will not be published.Samsung Galaxy S8 conversion to dual sim is now possible on ministry of solutions.

By using our service you can convert your Samsung Galaxy S8 into dual sim permanently. Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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Posts: 58 Member: Status: Offline. Posts: 80 Member: Status: Offline Quote:. Originally Posted by Ryan Posts: 58 Member: Status: Offline Quote:. Originally Posted by ackonde. No need any extra tool? Can we just do it with the z3x box? And if yes, would you mind sharing the whole procedure please. Posts: 3, Member: Status: Offline Quote:. Posts: Member: Status: Offline Quote:. I have read than we need double imei on phone to do it.

Originally Posted by bypassfrp. Posts: Member: Status: Offline read cert z3x than edit to dual sim than unlock msl than write cert back easy how to make dual cert bro plz tellme. Posts: 11 Member: Status: Offline i have bought new galaxy note 8 nn and i surprised it from inside nf now i confused i need to put original firmware from sammobile android 9 n what will happen?

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